• 5 марта 2019, вторник
  • Санкт-Петербург, Цветочная, 19

SPB Frontend meetup, March 2019

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1481 день назад
5 марта 2019 c 18:30 до 21:00
Цветочная, 19

The second english frontend meetup in Saint Petersburg.

About SPB Frontend community: http://spb-frontend.ru/.

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18:30 — Doors open

19:00 — “Can Design Principles Make me a Better Software Engineer?”,  Alexey Taktarov

19:30 — Break

19:45 —“Video content protection overview for Frontend developers”,  Alexey Golubev

20:15 — Break

20:30 — “WebGL and 2D: simple as Web”,  Alexander Korotaev



 Can Design Principles Make me a Better Software Engineer?

Since the 1940s it has started to become more clear that making good products is not only about the engineering but the aesthetics, that helps to sell it to the end customer. The new thing called "design" was born and it rapidly conquered the world. Today design is an inhered part of software development. But can it work the other way around?

In my talk/research I’m going to proof that applying simple design principles can and will make you a better software engineer. We’re going dig into a brief history of modern product design, figure out what makes design different from art and draw parallels with software development. We will see what makes an open-source library popular and how is design responsible for that.

Alexey Taktarov, Head of Engineering, resume.io


 Video content protection overview for Frontend developers

It is easy to embed video to your html page, but when it is necessary to playback protected video content things become more complex.

During the presentation you will become familiar with the video content protection in general and how to implement playback of protected video content in different browsers.

Alexey Golubev, CTO, Okko



 WebGL and 2D: simple as Web

WebGL is a fastest rendering technology in web, but API looks to hard to learn. Standard already lives 9 years long but no big amount of real experts we have. I will show how to create 2D graphics in browser using React or Canvas to render it using WebGL.

This talk for developers who knows that WebGL is to fast, but do not know right way to reduce complexity and draw something except one triange from many examples from the google search results.

 Alexander Korotaev, Frontend developer, Tinkoff.ru



The event will be held in Selectel. Tsetochaya, 19. You must have a passport with you.




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